This is going to be a big summer for new products at PRIER, with a focus on commercial.  We are preparing launch kits and finalizing timelines, but before we have those dates for you, we need your help gathering the right contacts to spread the word. 
C-634 Gasket We’ve been talking about a new foam gasket for our C-634 commercial hydrant for about a year now, and it is in the final stages of production.  Once it becomes available, we plan on aggressively hitting the market to reach customers before other manufacturers develop their own version.  
Estimated time until launch: 45 days
Launch kit items: sales flyer, spec sheet, press release, social media plan, product video, and website links. P-754 Commercial Hot & Cold Following the release of the gasket will be the P-754.  Rounding out our commercial offerings, we expect this new product to give us more opportunities to meet our customers’ needs and provide an advantage of quality over our competitors.
Estimated time until launch: 60+ days
Launch kit items: sales flyer, spec sheet, IOM, press release, social media plan, installation video and website links.
**Stay tuned for more information on these product launches!** 

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Maax now offers 
U-Tile, which is less expensive and makes it easier to install than 
tile. So order yours in TODAY!

DeWalt Counter Day

2019 Spring Show

Here are some pictures of Tommy attending the 2018 AHR Industry Show in Chicago

AHR Show Chicago Legend

AHR Show Chicago Lenox

AHR Show Chicago Little Giant-Franklin
As of January 2018 you can now purchase QuickDrain Products through your same OateySCS order with your favorite Oatey, Hercules, Cherne, DearBorn & Harvey products.
GRRIPTAPE ~ The Professional PTFE Tape ~ GRRIPS on FIRST Wrap! Get Stocked Up Today!


OATEY’S ~ SET-RITE Toilet Flange Extension System ~ UPC Trusted ~ Eliminates Leak Paths & Prevents Callbacks! Stop Double Stacking Wax Rings Today!
The new Lenox Lazer CT Blade is Absolutely Amazing! Watch this short clip of a new record being set with this awesome blade by Jimmy & Angelo at a Prier Brass customer counter day.
Available now in all Oatey DCs are new Specialty Flange line extensions including Stainless Steel & Plastic Offset Flanges. These new SKUs come in both PVC and ABS with an Offset and 45 Degree Bend option. Solvent weld connection for Sch. 40 3” outside or 4” inside fit Durable and corrosion resistant 430 stainless steel ring Ring provides adjustability with 360 degree swivel No restriction throat meets IGC-67 flow requirements
Oatey Camo Multi-Purpose Tape is now available in all Oatey Distribution Centers. The tape is 8 mil and is available in one length, 35 yards. It comes in a gray camo pattern with the Oatey logo- a perfect item for counter days and more! Gray Camo Print 35 Yd Length, 8 Mil thickness
Did you know that Prier can color match any of their hydrants to match the expensive fixtures on the back patio? Also, did you know Prier has a good, better and best product to meet your commercial job needs? Check out or contact us today for more information.
The new Lenox Lazer CT blade is the fastest and longest lasting blade for cast iron pipe. Here is a video of 2 inch cast iron being cut 5 times in just 2 and a half minutes. For more information on this blade or anything from Lenox, give us a call.
There are so many places that have low water pressure and families are having a hard time running multiple fixtures at the same time. Little Giant has the solution, the Inline 400 is a pressure boosting system that allows you to have all of the water pressure you need. For more information click on the link or call us today.